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Crumbling 3D Printed Tritanium Posterior Lumbar Cages created by Stryker Corporation are causing intense suffering for patients. Many are filing claims against the company for the faulty medical device, seeking compensation for their pain.

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Stryker Corporation headlines the news again over the dangerous and defective qualities of another one of its defective medical device implant lines. In late 2018, the company issued a Class 2 Device Recall for its 3D Printed Tritanium Posterior Lumbar Cage. Unfortunately, this recall came too late for patients who already endured invasive spinal surgery to seek relief from degenerative disc disorder (DDD) or scoliosis. Now, these patients face a significant risk for serious injuries and complications from the potentially defective implant. 

Tritanium Recall

Visit for more information about Stryker's latest recall and how to start taking steps towards seeking legal assistance for you or your loved one's suffering.


Theory Behind the Device

Stryker's Howmedica Osteonics manufactured the recalled Posterior Lumbar Cage using 3D printing technology and Tritanium. Theoretically, this creation would allow for bone graft to be packed inside the cage and increase the surface area of the device in contact with bone. This would be done in order to normalize bone and minimize subsidence.

However, the product failed to live up to the theory. In late 2018, the FDA issued the Class 2 Recall because of the high rate of complications in patients who underwent surgery using this device.

Faulty Theory Leads to Suffering

To many’s surprise, the recall did NOT remove the lumbar cage from the market. The recall only updated the Instructions For Use (IFU). The updated IFU resulted from reports of Tritanium PL cages crumbling and fracturing apart during and after implantation. These serious complications caused the suffering of possibly hundreds of unaware patients. 

Multiple FDA Manufacterer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) reports indicated surgeons' suspicions about the spinal implant. Some surgeons who experienced breakages when implanting the PL lumbar cage think that the problem was not the surgical insertion technique, but the product itself.

Questionable Marketing Ethics

Stryker’s marketing campaign for the cage presents it as a necessary, quality product for surgeons to use to relieve patients’ pain from degenerative disc disorder (DDD) or scoliosis. So, if issues do arise with the product, the company tries to place blame solely on the surgeons, not on themselves or the product. 

However, the constantly shifting instructions for how to insert the cage and the questionable recommendations who should not receive the cage raises a number of questions. Primarily, is Stryker dealing in underhanded marketing techniques just sell a cage implant that's neither safe or quality? 


Recently, Stryker Corporation encountered huge product liability litigation from continuing to market an assortment of metal-on-metal hip implant lines even though they knew the devices could cause injuries to patients. 

Further, Stryker paid out over $1.5 billion dollars to settle claims from its other defective products including the Rejuvenate and ABG II metal-on-metal hip implants. Even more lawsuits still mount over serious injuries caused by Stryker's LFIT V40 femoral head.
Consumers injured by Stryker Corporation products need to make their voice heard so more patients aren't injured by faulty medical devices. 
If you think  you or a loved one received the 3D Printed Tritanium Posterior Lumbar cage, you could be entitled to substantial compensation from the tritanium recall. But, time to pursue justice against Stryker for the harm it caused you and other patients is limited.  Contact AVA Law Group, Inc. today for a free case consultation and to start taking your next steps towards justice.

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