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Invokana Lawsuits

Invokana recently received a Black Box warning from the FDA—the highest level of warning the FDA issues—cautioning patients about the drug’s severe health consequences. If you or a loved one with Type 2 diabetes took Invokana and endured Fournier’s Gangrene or had to have an amputation, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Contact us now—time may be limited!

What is Invokana?

Invokana (canagliflozin) is a drug prescribed to treat Type 2 diabetes in adults. Categorized as a sodium-glucose contrasporter-2 (SGLT-2) inhibitor, Invokana works by blocking the reabsorption of glucose in the kidneys. This increases glucose excretion through the urine, therefore lowering blood glucose levels. Released in 2013, Invokana dominated the market as a quick success. Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals manufactures Invokana and yearly generates over $1 billion in annual Invokana sales. Of the SGLT-2 drugs on the market, Invokana is the most popular one in its class.

What Went Wrong?

Over the years Invokana has proven to do more harm than good for Type-2 diabetes patients. Since its release and approval, studies reveal the drug increases users’ risk a large number of serious side effects, the most severe being lower limb amputations and life-threatening Fournier’s Gangrene. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) released a QuarterWatch report on May 6, 2019, stating that during its first year on the market, Invokana side effects were tied to over 450 serious adverse events reports submitted to the FDA. Because these reports usually represent only a small sample of all the side effects related to prescription medications, this could mean that upwards of thousands of patients endured Invokana problems since the drug’s release. Lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals are now pouring in from across the country, all claiming Invokana use caused patients’ severe health conditions. If you were diagnosed with Fournier’s gangrene or were forced to undergo an amputation after taking Invokana, you could be an Invokana victim.


Researchers in a canagliflozin clinical trial found that Invokana users were twice as likely to undergo a lower limb amputation than those receiving a placebo. Unfortunately, that risk increases for patients who already suffered from a previous amputation. In 2017, the FDA issued a safety warning about this new risk for Invokana users, mandating Invokana to carry a Black Box warning—the most serious label warning the FDA can issue—about amputation risks. One 2017 study indicated that Invokana use increased leg and foot amputation risk by a massive 97%. Researchers speculated that this could be caused by the Invokana decreasing blood flow to the lower limbs, exposing legs, feet, and toes to high infection risks.

Symptoms/Conditions Preceding Lower Limb Amputation:

  • New pain, sores, ulcers, or infections in legs or feet
  • Previously undergoing an amputation

Fournier's Gangrene

Necrotizing fasciitis, otherwise known as Fournier’s gangrene, is a grave flesh-eating bacterial infection. The infection impacts the nerves, fat, muscles, and blood vessels around the genitals. This side effect of SGLT-2 inhibitors can be life threatening if left untreated. While the disease usually occurs in men, women are susceptible to the disease as well. As a degenerating disease, Fournier’s gangrene worsens over time, surgical procedures often becoming necessary for victims. But, if caught in the early stages, necrotizing fasciitis can be treated with antibiotics.

In August 2018 the FDA mandated new boxed warning labels for Invokana after cases of Fournier’s Gangrene arose in patients taking drugs like Invokana. Boxed warning labels are the most severe warnings the FDA can issue for a drug, but the alert came too late for Invokana users. Since 2013, 12 patients prescribed SGLT-2 inhibitors, like Invokana, developed necrotizing fasciitis of the genitalia, one of those cases resulting in death. A study released May 2019 confirmed the serious risk of Fournier’s gangrene in Invokana users, the FDA indicating that they discovered 55 new cases of necrotizing fasciitis in diabetic patients taking SGLT-2 inhibitors. Onset for the disease ranged from a few days to over four years, so many Invokana users could still be susceptible to the deadly disease despite their current health status.

Symptoms of Fournier's Gangrene:

  • Tenderness
  • Pain
  • Redness

Invokana Injury Lawsuits

If you or a loved one used Invokana and were diagnosed with Fournier’s gangrene or needed a lower limb amputation, you may be entitled to legal compensation through a product injury lawsuit. Thousands of Invokana patients across the US are suing Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals for failing to warn patients of Invokana’s adverse side effects. They allege that patients and medical providers were not given adequate warnings of the drug’s side effects when it was first introduced in 2013. Some even claim that the company withheld the dangers of the drug from the FDA and consumers, therefore knowingly selling a dangerous product to innocent patients. The overhweliming number of adverse side effects rapidly being linked to Invokana use suggests thorough research may not have been conducted before the drug was released to the public, putting hundreds of thousands of Americans at risk of serious health complications. 

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Johnson & Johnson companies have showed time and time again their disregard for thorough adherence to safety standards, as seen through the overwhelming numbers of talcum powder lawsuits against them. A company’s disregard for consumer health should not dictate your suffering. Bellwether trials are expected to begin soon, and the results may mean you could receive substantial compensation for your unneeded suffering.

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