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Our Mission Statement

AVA Law Group Inc. represents the people against the powerful.
We advocate and fight for truth, justice, and, ultimately, healing for people who have been victimized by powerful entities. Whether this is an insurance company unwilling to adequately compensate a family, a religious or non-religious institution unwilling to acknowledge its complicity in child sex abuse, or a corporate organization that puts profits over people, their power should not minimize or remove your rights. AVA Law Group Inc. strives to use our legal expertise and voice to promote yours.
Our Process
You are not just another number to AVA Law Group, Inc. We are concerned about your well-being and making sure your case is handled with the utmost care and respect. 


When you contact AVA Law Group, Inc---whether that be through our website, Facebook, or a phone call---we want to make sure there is always a live person talking with you and guiding you every step of the way.


Our knowledgeable representatives will follow up with you to gather the specifics of your case and walk through a series of questions to discover if your case qualifies. We will also mail you any necessary forms needed to be filled out via email and/or printed authorization forms. We provide pre-paid envelopes and mailing for your convenience!


Our Quality Assurance Team will follow up with you if we need any additional information from you before sending your case to our team of lawyers for case approval. We want to make sure there is no additional hassle for you!


If your case is approved, our partnering law firms will reach out to you to confirm approval and file an official lawsuit on your behalf. Our team desires for you to get your just compensation.


We want to keep you in the know of how your case is progressing, so we will send you quarterly updates about the status of your lawsuit. We want to remove worry from the process so you can focus on getting back to the place you were before your injury. 
Our History
Andrew started AVA Law Group to continue in helping
to protect individual interests against powerful entities.
Over the years he’s helped thousands of people who have been injured because of the irresponsible actions of other seek justice. The sad truth is in single event cases, like trucking accidents or car accidents, it’s not the irresponsible person whose conduct deprived the injured party of justice; it’s the insurance companies who represent their responsible person that deliver injustice day after day. 

The insurance companies who represent drivers do not want justice, because it’s all about year-end bonuses generated through keeping costs down and profits high. In product and pharmaceutical cases, it’s the dollar and cents analysis conducted every day in corporate America---the analysis that justifies putting a product out in the market---that could hurt or kill a certain percentage of the people that use it.

How is that ok? 

Because, in the corporate world, often the amount of money a company can make from selling the product offsets the costs it will end up having to pay the families of the people killed or permanently injured. Incredibly, under this analysis the profits justify the injuries and death of individual people.

When someone is hurt or killed because of the irresponsible actions of another, it’s imperative they have adequate representation to help them navigate the minefield that’s obtaining justice in our country.
It’s Andrew Van Arsdale’s hope that AVA Law Group, Inc. will be on your side, helping you and your family seek accountability for the actions that caused the injury. He has built AVA Law Group, Inc. to hold the parties responsible accountable, and try and achieve justice for his clients.

Meet Our Attorney

Attorney Andrew Van Arsdale created AVA Law Group, Inc. so you could have easy access to the justice system and efficient legal representation.
Andrew Van Arsdale grew up in Billings, Montana and attended Billing Central Catholic High School. Upon his graduation from Billings Central he attended Montana State University Bozeman, earning his Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a minor in History. After graduating from MSU Bozeman he moved to San Diego, California, where he pursued a career ensuring individual people had access to our justice system when wronged by powerful corporations. He later went on to earn his law degree from the University of San Diego, and is currently licensed to practice law in California.
Andrew is married to the love of his life, Meghan Van Arsdale, and they have three beautiful children: Ranger, Arrow, and Legend. When he’s not helping people through AVA Law Group,you can likely find him driving somewhere around the Western half of the country, book on tape rolling, Meghan and the kids all packed in, trunk and Thule fully loaded, as they search for their next adventure!

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