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  • MDL No. 2913
  • JUUL Labs, Inc., Marketing, Sales Practices, and Products Liability Litigation



  • United States District Court Northern District of California



  • United States District Judge - Honorable William H. Orrick III





  • Q: "What is a multidistrict litigation?"

    • A:  "Multidistrict litigation is litigation pending in more than one federal district court involving common questions of fact. When such cases involve civil actions, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation may transfer them to any federal district court for coordinated and consolidated pretrial proceedings." - United States District Court, Northern District of Florida
  • Q: "Is this a class action lawsuit?"
    • A: "No, it is not a class action lawsuit. Although the legal theories are the same for each case, the individual damages differ. Therefore, it cannot be a class action. Each individual case will be evaluated based upon the exposure to the risk and the individual damage sustained."

case updates

Your Body on Vaping: Here’s What We Know

Article: How E-Cigarette Products Affect You Mentally and Physically New stories flood the news every day about people being injured by a mysterious lung illness linked to vaping, but few understand the toll e-cigarette use takes on the human body. The CDC reports that nearly 1,500 individuals have been hospitalized with injuries associated with the […]

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Massachusetts Bans All Vaping Products for 4 Months, Other States May Follow

Massachusetts’ governor announced an immediate four-month ban on all vaping product sales following recent outbreaks of vaping-related illnesses. Governor Charlie Baker (R) announced the statewide ban on Tuesday, responding to fears of the unknown health risks of e-cigarette products. Across the nation, hundreds of e-cigarette users have been hospitalized due to severe lung injuries linked […]

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New Vaping Deaths Reported by US Health Officials

On Friday September 6, US health officials reported potentially five new vaping deaths, urging the public to stop vaping until more is known about the health risks of using e-cigarettes. According to the Wall Street Journal, health officials have uncovered 450 possible vaping-related respiratory illness cases across 33 states, many of the victims in their […]

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22 People Hospitalized from Vaping-Linked Breathing Issues, but Doctors Unsure of Why

Nearly two dozen people have been hospitalized in the Midwest with serious breathing difficulties linked to vaping. However, doctors can’t pinpoint the answer why. NBC News reports doctors are struggling to identify what the patients—mostly young adults—inhaled or used as a vaping device. Additionally, medical officers have not been able to identify where patients purchased […]

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FDA Vaping Seizures Investigation Uncovers 127 Cases Over Last Decade

Federal investigators discovered far more reports of seizures linked to vaping e-cigarettes than originally anticipated. On August 7, the FDA issued a press release stating their scientific investigation uncovered 127 reports of seizures linked to vaping electronic cigarettes. This number far surpasses the original number of 35 reports since 2010. The FDA launched their investigation […]

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Teens Testify JUUL Rep Told Students Vaping is “Totally Safe”

Under oath to Congress, two teens revealed a JUUL representative came into their high school classroom and called JUUL e-cigarettes “totally safe”. These claims came up July 25 during the first of two hearings presented by the House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy to investigate JUUL’s involvement in lending to the nicotine addiction […]

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