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Since its founding in 1910, reports indicate that the Boy Scouts kept thousands of secret files on sexual abuse cases hidden from the public. The Los Angeles TImes reported in 2012 that after reviewing over 1,000 confidential Boy Scout files from 1970 to 1991, Scouting officials likely urged admitted offenders to quietly resign, covering the tracks of these predators through their underhanded silencing.

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Abused in Scouting

For more shocking cases of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts and how to start taking steps towards seeking help for you or your loved one's suffering, visit


The Boy Scout officials hid away the details of these heinous acts and the names of their perpetrators in what they call the "Perversion Files", a blacklist of alleged molesters going back 100 years.

The Boy Scouts kept up the "Perversion Files", but the information was widely underused or undisclosed to the people it mattered to the most: law enforcement and parents entrusting their children into the care of the Boys Scouts. 

In most of the cases the LA Times investigated, they reported that many times no records exist of Scouting officials reporting the allegations to the police. Allegedly, often officials actively sought to hide the abuse from the public or let suspects hide it.


Below includes only a few of the atrocious crimes hidden by the boy scouts. Visit for more information and testimonials. 


In Rhode Island, an assistant troop leader was caught with a 12-year-old scout performing oral sex on him behind a tent. The troop leader admitted his role in the act and was expelled from the scouts. Later in 1997, this same assistant scout leader was convicted of sexual assault and subsequently convicted in 2005 of possession of child pornography. 


A Pennsylvania Scout Master was accused of two rapes and other sex crimes by five boy scouts. His punishment was a simple resignation on his own free will and was wished well by the organization.


A Michigan Boy Scout director failed to report allegations of sexual abuse by one of its staff members because he wanted to protect both the organization and the abuser. In the police report, “[H]e stated that he had been advised by his supervisors and legal counsel that he should neutralize the situation and keep it quiet.” This could have further damaged his victims and potentially allowed this predator to continue to find new victims.


In Wisconsin, a high-ranking Scout leader in Milwaukee admitted to masturbating while fondling two boys. The Boy Scouts of America worked diligently to keep the incident out of the press, allowing this leader to continue to work with children until 2001 in connection with his medical practice.


In Washington state, a district executive of the Boy Scouts complained to the national office of the Boy Scouts of America that another member of the Boy Scouts leadership had failed to put a convicted molester on the blacklist because he was a nice guy, ensuring his access to young boys in his care.


A Maryland Boy Scout leader was given six weeks to resign when he told the Boy Scouts that the abuse allegations against him were true. He was allowed to resign as long as he kept the fact that he abused children in his care confidential and only known to the Boy Scouts of America: not to the authorities, not to the families of his victims, but only to the Boy Scouts.


The files hidden by the Boy Scouts of America reveal a pattern of abuse by a specific group of men. The L.A. Times reports that 47% of leaders in the Scouts who were added to the Perversion Files were single, and about 50% of them did not have a child in any of the scouting programs. 
The case files also indicated that almost all of the cases came about from situations where the troop leaders were left alone with the boys. This wasn't prohibited until 1987, far too late for many sexual abuse victims. The scouting sexual predators took perverse advantage of the innocents in their care and/or tempted them with illegal activities including drinking alcohol, driving cars, and looking at pornography.
As these predators started to build trust with the youth in their care, they often gradually tested physical boundaries with the boys during activities such as skinny dipping, group showers, sleepovers and one-on-one activities.


If you have fallen victim to a Boy Scout leader who pushed the limits too far and took advantage of you, it is not your fault. You are an innocent victim. These abusers preyed upon innocent children and have likely abused as many as 100 children in their lifetime. You deserve to tell your story and show that these predator's behavior will not be tolerated ever again.
You deserve to let your voice be heard, and you have earned the right to significant compensation. We cannot erase the crimes of the past, but we can make the organization responsible pay in the only way available in our legal system: money damages for the victims. Contact AVA Law Group today to start your next steps towards justice. We fight on behalf of victims of sexual abuse so you can focus on healing. Sign up for your free case evaluation today and tell your story.

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